Digitalization Of Manufacturing Maintenance And Asset Management

A Japan based manufacturing company, intended to undergo a complete digital transformation of its operations and maintenance. The shift from conventional paper recordings, adoption to technology and integration of systems that would enable the team to view data and to do meaningful from a single collaborative analytic dashboard. The shift to an entirely digital environment requires specific framework and strategy to ensure smooth transition.

The outcome of the project saw the entire production lines, which include maintenance and asset management and project management fully operate on digital platform. It has seen a drop of communications delays, and outstanding work dropped 50%.

Strategic Planning For Technology Hub

A Fortune 500 property developer intended to kick start the vision for their next phase which will be a technology hub. The intention is to introduce sustainable work and living in a smart city. The work revolves around the planning the city operation to attract technology driven companies.

The project involved multiple stakeholders which include local governments agencies, state government, and federal government agencies. A cohesive blueprint which explained in detail the vision of the technology hub is produced at the end of the project.

Heritage Building Information Modelling for Historic Temple in Johor Bahru

A 151-year-old historic temple in Johor Bahru, Johor, was remodeled using a Heritage Building Information Modelling (HBIM) approach. The implementation seeks to reproduce an accurate as-built drawing for the temple, which is currently unavailable and has created problems with temple management and upkeep. Our team took a significant time to 3D scan the temple, which is in a congested area surrounded by skyscrapers, using advanced technologies, including a 3D laser scanner, and processing applications such as Scene and Autodesk Revit.

The method utilized was able to capture accurate information about the temple, which was then transformed into a 3D model that could be used for better operation and maintenance planning and management. The 3D model developed was also designed for VR environment, which allows the management and maintenance team to plan effective maintenance strategies remotely, enhancing visualization and making maintenance planning easier.

Big Data Analytics For Heavy Industry Manufacturing Plant

The case study is a Germany based manufacturing plant that produces millions of data on daily basis from production processes consisting of various formats, structured and unstructured data. We assist the client to process large volume of data, in an efficient way possible. The core operations of the plant is steel fabrications for structural pipes and line pipes.

The large amount of data accumulated very fast and the conventional data processing using desktop software does not help the operation team. We ensure they are enable to extract enormous amount of information related to business organisation and make critical decisions fast. The company's operation is data driven and depend a lot on quality analysis and traceability. We architect the solution to assist the client by automating their data cleaning and data parsing. The analytics dashboard helped the quality assurance team to make critical decisions.